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Proteome Factory offers new and optimized products for efficient protein analysis and proteomics. Based on many years of practical experience as a proteomics contract research provider and many internal R&D projects Proteome Factory has developed analysis kits, robots for proteomics automation and proteomics bioinformatics software solutions.
The analysis kits cover sample preparation, breakable SDS-PAGE gel (DPAGE) and highly MS-compatible silver staining and fluorescent staining kits as well as the new MeCAT – metal coded tagging – technology for ultra sensitive protein quantification in multiplex experiments.
In the field of proteomics lab automatization Proteome Factory offers the fastest single head spot picking robot spotXpress. With SpotDigest 96 Proteome Factory has developed a sample preparation robot for protein spots which have to be subsequently digested and identified by mass spectrometry.

Sequit!4.1 and the PWB Protein Identification Software Solution are highly efficient products for de novo peptide sequencing and protein protein identification. Sequit!4.1 is single workstation software for de novo peptide sequence analysis of peaklists obtained by MSMS peptide fragmentation fingerprint (PFF) analysis. The PWB Peptide Identification Software is available as a workstation which supports multicore and multiprocessor PC systems as well as an high throughput PWB Protein Identification Cluster Software Solution which distributes data analysis to a scalable computer cluster with up to hundreds and more multiprocessor systems capable to analyze huge amounts of data.