Protein Separation Service

Protein Separation

2DE of hazelnut

2DE of hazelnut

Proteome Factory AG offers extreme high resolution two dimensional gel electrophresis (2DE) for separation all kind of protein containing samples. Different 2DE gels sizes of 8x7 cm, 23x30cm, 40x30cm and 60x30cm allow the separation of up to 10,000 protein spots depending on gel size and sample in pI range from 3 to 12 and a molecular weigth range from 8kDa to about 200kDa.

Protein separation by extreme high resolution 2D electrophoresis is used for proteomics and

A) Protein cataloguing
B) Protein species and isoform distribution analysis
C) Analysis of posttranslational modifications
D) Western blot
E) Quality control of proteins
F) Quality control of antibody by 2D western blot

Our sample submission from for 2D gel electrophoresis can be downloaded here .

Two Dimensional Electrophoresis